If you have found your way to this page, you are probably interested in what libido boosters/enhancers can do for the human body, but more importantly YOU. Stressful days and long weeks can leave us running on empty, without the energy for many of our favorite things or more importantly our favorite people. Libido is a representation of sex drive or desire for sex, and the overall concept of libido is better seen as a spectrum. There is no such thing as an “average” or “normal” sex drive, because it varies so much from person to person. Some people engage in it daily, some do it weekly, monthly, etc. Regardless of the frequency, it is more representative of the desire to have sex, which can be inhibited by multiple factors of daily life, from external sources like our job or other relationships, or internal reasons such as chemical imbalance, fatigue, or more.


How do you know if you have a lowered libido or that low libido is affecting you? The natural answer is that you should be able to feel it from your partner, but for those without significant others it is just a generic unwillingness to engage in intimacy or pursue intimate relationships. To be clear, low libido exists in both males and females, with different causes both generic and unique to gender. Here are some instances for both:

Women: Menopause - Estrogen levels drop during the transition to menopause, causing overall lowered interest in sex and dry vaginal tissues. This is not always the case, as there are plenty of women that have satisfying sex during menopause, but it can certainly be a contributing factor to low sex drive. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding - Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, shortly after having the baby, and also during breastfeeding. Coupling that with fatigue from having to take care of a newborn, or the overall high demand of pregnancy can certainly drive down libido in women.


Men: Low Testosterone - Testosterone levels have impact on muscles, sperm production, and sex drive. Naturally considered a general side effect of aging, lower testosterone does not always mean lower sex drive, but the two do have a strong correlation. 

Beta blockers - Beta blockers are medicines commonly used to reduce different forms of stress, from glaucoma to migraines and tremors. Users with high blood pressure that are having trouble with diuretics (pills designed to increase water and salt leaving the body through urination) can’t do the job.

Combine these with the natural stress and difficulty of life, and you can see how easy it is to have lower libido in your everyday routine. This is not to say low libido is a rampaging issue throughout our daily life, but we believe a little extra spark never hurt anyone.


Enter: Libido Boosters

Libido boosters come in different forms from pills to drinks, but are generally composed of herbs that assist with the chemical imbalance that comes from the aforementioned causes. As any other supplement, there is a level of moderation to be applied to taking libido enhancers. Maca, a South American root vegetable, is one of the predominant players in most libido boosters. It has been linked to fertility and increased sex drive, functioning as a natural aphrodisiac. There are many components to libido enhancers, but most commonly you can find maca roots and horny goat weed (also called barrenwort, but it is actually known more as the former and not the latter) amongst most solutions. Goat weed is great in facilitating blood flow, erectile dysfunction (ED), problems after menopause, and more. 


The overall recipes can vary from vendor to vendor, as there are multiple plants that contribute to libido strength, so it is important to know what ingredients are involved in the booster that you purchase. Boosters give you the drive mentally and the energy physically to perform at your best. One common misunderstanding is that boosters are only for those with lowered libido. It is still a boost in your overall desire and willingness to perform coupled with extra energy, think of it as unlocking your peak performance, even for those that feel everything is normal. Sometimes the extra passion is something that our partners will appreciate more than we consider. 



Super Gorilla - Your Libido Hero 

At Elma’s we seek to provide the best all natural solutions to get you back in the game, or that boost your partner always wanted that you never knew you needed. Our Super Gorilla is a household favorite, using some of the herbs we talked about previously, in combination with others to give you all the boost you need (you can find a full list of ingredients on our product page). As a handcrafted in-house remedy, we seek to provide the best blend of herbs to make a tonic that you will want to enjoy consuming beyond its effects. 

For usage, we recommend about 1-2 ounces twice daily, easiest at the start and end of your day. It’ll give you the ability to perform and the desire to do so as well. Our remedy also incorporates herbs designed to heal and boost, such as stinging nettle and tongkat ali. These two herbs have been linked to healing muscle pain and muscle growth, respectively. We hope that we’ve given you some material to help teach you about libido boosters, and that they are not for just one gender. Men and women both can enjoy all the benefits that libido boosters provide, and we wish you the best on your wellness journey. Peace, love, and wellness!