The daily lives we live continue to become more fast paced, with high stress included. For a lot of people, it becomes harder to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle, starting with diet. We grab quick meals that aren’t great for us long term, meal substitutes, energy supplements, the list goes on. There are many different remedies for different scenarios, and we want to give you some insight into what remedies can help you work through any discomfort or difficulties you have on your path to great health & wellness.

Bitters - What are they? How do they work?

Certain herbs are used to help with digestion, and digestive bitters are seen as some of the most accessible remedies that can serve as a foundation to an herbal wellness routine. These blends of plant based herbs and roots are normally consumed in liquid form, as their “bitter” element signals the brain to release digestive enzymes that help with cleaning out harmful toxins in the digestive tract. Although there are many forms, here are some of the most common ones that we provide and what their benefits are centered around:

  • Black Seed Bitters - Black Seed bitters are focused on providing antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory support functions. Naturally, it also provides assistance for respiratory conditions such as asthma, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, among others. As a good natural remedy to help with high blood sugar, black seed bitters can be useful in dealing with diabetes as well. However, it is recommended to not take them in conjunction with other diabetes medicines. 

  • Moringa Bitters - Known for the strength of the ingredients that it packs, (15x more potassium than a banana and 7x more vitamin C than oranges) moringa has multiple uses and brings great versatility as a wellness remedy. Traditionally used to help with illnesses such as diabetes and cancer, its impact has been extended to things such as muscle growth, stronger bones, reducing stress, balancing hormones, and more. Due to its depth it is often combined with other herbs in creating a holistic remedy. 

  • Soursop Bitters - Soursop is a fruit that packs a strong flavor and is often used in similar scenarios as moringa and black seed bitters (high blood pressure, cancer, etc). With a few more anti-aging properties than the other bitters, soursop has been quite a popular solution to those in the wellness market looking for a well rounded solution. 

Overall, moringa, black seed, and soursop bitters are essential for treating many issues that arise within a digestive tract riddled by poor diet and the stress/complications that come with life. They all have their individual impacts on the digestive tract, and often are consumed in some combination for a full cleanse. No matter what the combination is (all situations are different), taking control of your wellness is what we are here to help with.

Colon Cleanser

There are remedies that assist with a range of problems and there are combinations of treatments that can be taken to help cleanse the stomach. There are also “all-in-one” solutions that help with detoxing certain parts of the body, such as colon cleansers. One of the primary functions of colon cleansers is that they are designed to help with the undigested toxic waste that resides in our stomachs. Often seen as a bridge to developing a healthier diet, colon cleansing products help “reset” what’s in the gut and give users the ability to start eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle. Made with organic herbs, Elma’s Colon Cleanser is a household favorite remedy for both us and our clients. Hitting the reset button on your diet can help you get on the path you want to go with your weight loss, energy, and overall mood. 

Immune System Boost (Elderberry Syrup)

Commonly used for treating illnesses such as the common cold, heart disease, among others, the elderberry plant is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins specific to immune system improvements. Historically, the flowers and leaves have been used for pain relief, swelling, inflammation, stimulating the production of urine, and inducing sweating. Some original uses were as a diuretic, laxative, and to induce vomiting, but it has greatly evolved into a well known herbal supplement for illness.

Equipped with phenolic acids, these compounds do a good job of reducing damage from oxidative stress in the body. With additional nutrients such as high vitamin C and high fiber, Elderberry remedies have had a high impact dealing with illnesses. 


Regardless of what your detox routine or pathway consists of, it is important that you are looking to heal both your mind and body. We feel the most important step to rebuilding a healthy body and lifestyle is the first step of wanting to make a change. We hope that the information we provide you gives you the tools you need, to make a conscious decision about your health and gets you along the right path. 

We at Elma’s in Harlem are ready to be there through all steps of your wellness journey, providing you with solutions to get you back on your feet and healthy again. Shop now and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or need help. Peace, love, and wellness!